Best Gag Gifts for Christmas (2019 Guide)

There is nothing like a grand Christmas tradition that makes fantastic lasting memories. Funny Christmas gift-giving is a fun tradition in many families. It brings people together in an unconventional kind of way. Also, it makes people laugh, and nothing can be better than that. Even the Royal Family is known to indulge in exchanging gag gifts at Christmas. But making gag gifts takes innovative thinking. Gag gifts may not be so readily available in gift shops or stores. Let’s take a look at some easy gag gift ideas to light up your Christmas this year.

Best Gag Gifts for Christmas (2019 Guide)
Best Gag Gifts for Christmas (2019 Guide)

Funny Gift Ideas For Christmas 

1. The Golden Girls: The Night Before Christmas

This book is a great gag gift idea for someone who likes to read. This is a funny alternate version of a classic Christmas gift as it is a sassy and witty read.

2. Zen Garden Litter Box

Most cats that try to bury their litter deposits will need extra litter to make that happen. If your cat feels as if a light coating of cover is sufficient, then about 2–3 cm is enough. If your cat believes in re-landscaping the entire litter box to build a Zen garden, then perhaps you need twice as much litter.

3. Forking Good

This one is a fun cookbook which will especially make a great gift for fans of the show ‘The Good Place.’ This read can make up for the series coming to an end.

4. Emergency Underpants

A tin full of disposable underpants sure makes an innovative yet funny gag gift idea. It is the right amount of embarrassment to get enough laughs during this holiday season. It can create a funny and enjoyable experience.

Best Gag Gifts for Christmas (2019 Guide)
Best Gag Gifts for Christmas (2019 Guide)

Some More Gag Gifts

1. ‘Love That Journey For Me’ Bracelet

This piece of jewelry is another funny gift item inspired by a sitcom. If you or someone you know is a fan of Schitt’s Creek, you will love this bracelet. It features one of the most iconic lines said on the show by one of its most popular characters. Even if you are not a significant fan of the show, it still makes a dainty gift item. However, you may not get the joke here.

2. ‘Hold On Let Me Overthink This’ Shirt

If they overthink, they know it and have a great sense of humor about it, and this will be a great gift item. It comes in several different colors and can make a super funny gift item.

3. Relative Insanity

This one is a family-friendly game and is appropriate for kids above fourteen years of age. You can have a great time playing this with your family. It is a funny card game, and each card comes with a fill-in-the-blank text that you need to fill with a humorous answer and match with another playing member. This one will surely get more than a few laughs.

4. Custom Face Socks

This is similar to a custom face-printed mug or t-shirt except that it is funny. You might want to stock up on the most embarrassing or ugliest selfies and photos of the recipient and get them printed on socks as a gift them. The more uncomfortable the images, the better and funnier the gift can be.

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