Gift Bag Ideas: Make Your Own Gift Bags

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Making gift bags for your customers is an important part of your business. This is where you can show how much you care about your customers. Here are some easy and simple gift bag ideas that can be used to improve your customer service.

Types Of Gift Bags 

There are many different types of gift bags to choose from. Some are the same as those given out by companies, others are unique. You will want to look at the types of gifts that are available and determine what each one could mean to your customers.

Making Gift Bags
Making Gift Bags

Some gifts are for babies and children and also grown-ups, and others are given as birthday or anniversary gifts. Most people like to receive a bag that has a baby picture on it. This may include a stuffed animal or a baby bath towel. You can also get a gift bag that has a few small things like an object from the baby’s room.

Gift bags for adults are often personalized with things like a phone number or a date. Many companies today are opting for gift bags that have a phone number on them to reach a customer for more than just the occasion. This is especially helpful if they are far away.

Gift Bag Ideas 

While adult and baby gift bags are great, many are choosing to get a small gift bag that has very little to it. These items are usually very cheap and will be a small bit of jewelry or a watch, although if you purchase a watch you can have it personalized.

If your customers have a hard day at work or with the kids, then get them a gift bag filled with cookies. You can customize these gift bags by having the company name on the bag, or possibly even by adding the logo. This is a nice option if you know the person well enough to give them a gift that is not very expensive but they will enjoy it.

Gift Bag Ideas: Make Your Own Gift Bags
Gift Bag Ideas: Make Your Own Gift Bags

Candles are one of the great gift ideas to give to customers. Candles can be filled with various scents to help them relax. This is especially good when giving gifts to parents as a thank you to the child for a good day at school.

During the holiday season, you can offer gift baskets for both adults and children. You can go with basic items like candy and toiletries to give a more personalized gift. With the number of products available, this is the best way to give something thoughtful.

Gourmet Gift Bag Ideas

These days, gourmet gifts are not only given as a thank you, but they are also given as a gift from the heart. Some companies offer packages of food that have been cooked specifically for their clients. They are then packaged in the gift bag and sealed for the customers’ protection.


One of the most fun gift bags to put together is that of an individual. You can provide different types of snacks and drinks for a gift that anyone would love. You can even throw in some treats like chocolate or some snacks to make the gift even more special. Gift bags that are personalized are a great way to express the company’s thoughtfulness for their customers.

These are some of the easiest and simplest gift bags ideas you can find to make. Your customers will love them and they will thank you for it when they open them.

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