Gifts For Runners

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What can be the best gifts for runners? You can offer a useful and thoughtful gift to your friend athlete or sports person to make him or her happy. You should select a useful gift so the athlete can improve performance. A list of gifts for runners is detailed here.

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Gifts For Runners

Gifts For Runners – Muscle Roller Massage Stick

It is one of the best gifts for those who are involved in running. You can find a lot of massage sticks for runners at online stores. The muscle roller massager stick relieves you from tiredness, muscle soreness and prevents lactic acid. It has a soft arc handle. It boosts blood circulation to your foot and hand. The athletes can use this stick on the back, neck and shoulders, limbs, legs, hips, waist, shoulders and arms to get quick relief and stay comfortable after a long workout. It helps to loosen the tight muscles post- and pre-workouts. It costs INR 649.

Gifts For Runners – Fitness Band & Fitness Watch

The fitness band and fitness watch feature water resistance, waterproof, a big color display, weather alerts, sedentary alert, and alarm. The athletes can charge this device quickly via USB port. It shows WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, Skype, Gmail, SMS, calls and other important notifications to athletes. Also, It is compatible with popular smartphones such as Lenovo, Mi, Apple, Samsung, LG, and Vivo. It costs INR3000. You can order this fitness watch from the comfort of home and offer as a nice gift to your friend athlete.

Yoga Mat For Runners

The antiskid cotton yoga mat is one of the best gifts you can give to a runner. It is handwoven and manufactured from high-quality cotton yarn. It is durable, comfortable and soft. This is available in vibrant colors and patterns. Also, It can be cleaned using a vacuum cleaner. It is environment-friendly and anti-fatigue. Its dimensions are 60 x 180 cm. The athletes can use this yoga mat at home to keep their body healthy and prepare for the next running race. It costs INR 400.

Immunity Boosters For Athletes

The athletes need to consume 3 grams of Micronized Creatine (Monohydrate) Powder daily. It provides vitamins, anti-inflammatories, minerals, and anti-oxidants to get quick recovery after a rigorous workout. The athletes need to carry creatine powder in their backpack to supplement their body with essential vitamins and minerals and perform better. It costs INR 900.

Gifts For Runners
Gifts For Runners

Healthy Cookbook For Vegan Athletes

Athletes need to consume healthy food daily to stay fit and perform better in each tournament. The vegan cookbook features over 80 easy recipes to help athletes prepare their plant-based foods. They can easily prepare foods like vegan goulash, vegan cornbread, creamy tomato soup, sweet potato stew, vegan apple carrot muffins, and quick rice and black beans. It costs $1348 (paperback) and INR 214 (softcopy). It is a nice gift for your friend.

Anti-Theft And Water-Resistant Backpack

It is an invaluable gift for the runner. The 30 liters backpack features a USB Port, anti-theft zipper, and water-resistant. It has two compartments. The 15.6 inches backpack costs INR 900.

You can select any of the above gifts and place an order from the comfort of a home using a debit or credit card.

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