Packaging Ideas For Handmade Jewellery Box

Packaging Ideas For Handmade Jewellery

The charm of any jewellery is enhanced by the way it is packed and presented in a box. Jewellery boxes are the first impression of the jewellery that it contains. A well packed and decorated jewellery box brings an instant delight on the face of the receiver. The packaging should also suit the likes and personality of the person you intend to gift. Listed below are some packaging ideas for handmade jewellery that you can use while gifting your near and dear ones:

Packaging Ideas For Handmade Jewellery
Packaging Ideas For Handmade Jewellery

Postal Jewellery Box

Postal jewellery boxes are cost-effective choices when it comes to packaging ideas for handmade jewellery. They are mostly used by online retailers who try to reduce packaging costs. Such boxes are suitable for those jewellers who sell their products online. The boxes are available in a variety of designs and sizes. Jewellery like rings, bracelets, pendants that are small in size mostly packs n postal jewellery boxes.

Wooden Jewellery Box

If you wish to go for standard packaging ideas for handmade jewellery, wooden jewellery boxes are the perfect solution. They are well-polished boxes having a protective cushion base surrounding the leatherette interior. With such boxes, you do not have to worry at all about the safety of your jewellery that it contains. They give full protection and save the jewellery from scratch or any kind of damage. These sleek boxes also have a unique statement that is stylish and modern.

Leatherette Jewellery Box

If you wish to give your gift a classic and timeless effect, go for leatherette jewellery boxes. Leather is a quality material that has the lustre of its own. The leatherette jewellery boxes have a quality finish and are available in competitive prices. They come in a variety of colours and sizes depending upon the type of jewellery. You can also get postal size jewellery boxes along with the standard ones. The interiors of such boxes are mostly velvety that makes the jewellery in it to shine brighter.

Kraft Recycled Jewellery Bags And Boxes

Are you are conscious about your environment and wish to carry out an eco-friendly jewellery business? If that is so, kraft recycled jewellery bags and boxes are a perfect choice. Such bags and boxes are made using natural coloured materials. They are also easy to prepare in different shapes and sizes. Being flexible such bags and boxes can be packed in innovative ways. For instance, you can decoratively tie the bags with a ribbon. The boxes can pack a variety of accessories. They look the best when tied with a thread like a ribbon made of jute. You can use many creative experiments to decorate kraft recycled bags and boxes.

Packaging Ideas For Handmade Jewellery
Packaging Ideas For Handmade Jewellery

Soft Touch Jewellery Boxes

Soft-touch jewellery boxes are stylish and elegant means to hold your valuable jewellery. They have a charming grey coloured texture with white interiors that look extremely classy. These jewellery boxes are also available in postal size shapes. They are a means to make your jewellery look beautiful at an affordable price.

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