Perfect Gifts And Souvenirs For All Occasions This Wooden Photo Album With Flash Drive! Grab This!

If you are going to your friend’s birthday party or wedding but confused about what to gift? Well, worry not. It’s a very common problem among people. With the wide range of gift options, it often becomes challenging to pick the one that fits its recipient choice. 

So, what better present to give your friend or loved ones on a special occasion like a wedding than a Customized Wooden Photoalbum with Flashdrive.

Its Specifications:

  • Weight: 77g
  • Customized logos must be at maximum of 5mb
  • Available in JPG,JPEG,GIF,PNG,and BMP
  • Size: 170x170x35mm
  • Different flash drive storage:
    • 4gb
    • 8gb
    • 16gb
    • 32gb
    • 64gb

Know The Pros Of Customized Wooden Photoalbum with Flashdrive

Your Gift Will Stand Out

Unlike flowers, clocks, gift vouchers, a wooden photo album isn’t the gift item that you would gift to just everyone. This is a gift item that you can give to the people you love and care about. This type of wedding gift represents love, compassion, and care towards the person. To give something unique yet loving to your loved ones, get this wooden photo album and make your wedding present stand out.


There are many expensive wedding gifts available in the market and online. But, when you are tight on your budget and still want to get something beautiful, memorable, and affordable, a wooden photo album comes in handy.

Available In Various Sizes:

One of the best things about wooden photo albums is that they come in varied sizes. You can get the smaller one, medium-sized or the bigger one as per your need and budget.

You can save a lot of money by purchasing it online. Another benefit of shopping online is that you will be able to see a wide variety of photo albums; this will help you pick the unique one for your dear ones.

They’re very thoughtful:

Gifting someone a wooden photo album shows the person that you literally put a lot of love and thought into sending something special. Whether it’s an anniversary, birthday, wedding, on any other occasion, a photo album is always the best way to know the dear ones how much they mean to you.

You Can Customize It

Another best part of gifting someone a wooden photo album is that you can customize it the way you want. You can go creative with it; you can get decoration items to add to the album to make it look more attractive.



There is no such con with buying a wooden photo album. They are beautiful, affordable as well as customizable. The only drawback could be, you need to save it from coming in touch with water, as water can damage wooden frames.

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