Foil Curtain Tinsel Fringe Backdrop


A nice backdrop for different kinds of events
It can beautify your event place and add a sparkly shine
You can use it as a background for photo booths and dessert booth
Material: Polyethylene terephthalate (PET)
1m x 1m
1m x 2m
1m x 3m
1m x 4m
15cm x 1m
Package Content/s Per Variant:
1 x Foil Curtain Tinsel Fringe Backdrop (at the size of your choice)


Foil Curtain Tinsel Fringe Backdrop

This Foil Curtain is a tinsel fringe backdrop that you can use to decorate an event place. It is commonly used in different kinds of birthday parties. Similarly, it makes a nice decoration for wedding and social gatherings. You can decorate the whole place with the theme that you desire. At the same time, you can choose beautiful materials that can go well with your backdrop. In fact, it is available in different kinds of colors. You can pick the nice color that can go well with your creative design. This kind of material is very nice because of its sparkly effect. Adults and children will surely love it. You can try to mix and match colors to achieve a unique design.

Events And Party Backdrop

For birthday parties, you can use it as a background for the photo booth and dessert booth. This is very attractive because it varies in three different kinds of tinsel fringe types. You can choose from macaron, matte, and laser foil curtain. Other than that, you can easily paste it on the wall because it has an adhesive tape on the top part of the material at the back. Additionally, this is made from Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) material. This type of material is sturdy and lightweight. Furthermore, it can beautify the event place. It is a versatile decorative background for various events. You can even use it in decorating the reception area of a wedding ceremony.

Advantageous Decoration

Using this kind of decoration is very advantageous because it can easily blend in with assorted decorative items. It can create a dazzling look on every occasion which is memorable and unique. You can showcase your creativity. As you think of brilliant ideas of how you can achieve a nice ambiance for the success of the occasion.


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