Rose In A Glass Artificial Flowers

$44.23 $35.88

It has two artificial rose flowers and fairy lights inside
It looks beautiful and it can create a romantic vibe
You can use it as a house decoration
Material: Glass dome, Pine Wooden Bottom, Flannelette Rose
Size: 22 x 11.4cm/8.7 x 4.5inch
Power Source: 3 x AAA Batteries
Package Includes:
1 x Rose In A Glass Artificial Flowers


Rose In A Glass Artificial Flowers

A Rose in a glass is a popular decorative material nowadays. It has two artificial flowers inside a glass dome. Similarly, it is a nice gift for women. You can display it on your desk inside your bedroom. At the same time, you can put it in the living room. Since it has fairy lights inside, it will glow in the dark. Likewise, giving this decorative material as a gift is very idealistic. Especially because there are women who love flowers. Additionally, it can look good as a centerpiece of a table as you have a romantic dinner with your loved one.

Giftable Rose In A Flask

This rose in a flask is very adorable. Each piece of this material is available in different kinds of colors. The materials used in this item is a glass dome with a pinewood bottom and a flannelette rose. Other than that, it illuminates by inserting three pieces of AAA batteries. It has a power switch that allows you to power it on and off. Besides, it will give off a warm white light color. Aside from that, this is a wonderful gift to women. Giving a gift can make people appreciate your effort. It shows how much you value the person as you give something. This is a romantic way of showing someone how much you care and thought of them.

Decorative Material

You can also use this item as a decorative material for various romantic events. For example, you are setting up a buffet table for a wedding event. You can turn the light on and display this item on the center. The guests will be amazed by its glow and beautiful style. It will certainly serve as a great conversational piece for your family and guests. It is an ideal living room and study decoration.


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