The Idea Of Gift Box Is An Unique Way To Demonstrate Love

Gift Wrapping Ideas For Christmas Presents With Style

It isn’t very difficult to make a gift box from scrapbook paper. Google is your friend. There are thousands of YouTube videos and blog articles detailing the process. Anyone of them will do.

However, if you find this method to be too time-consuming, there is an alternative that exists.

No need to waste time and get your hands dirty struggling to make a gift box. To save all this work, just order it online. Change and control aspects of the paper gift box.

All these boxes are of varying shapes and sizes. In essence, you are still ‘making’ the gift box, but you are just doing the process online.

First of all, the worth of a gift is supposed to be considered from the receiver’s point of view. Thus it’s important to sincerely try and understand what the person is passionate about, and what will look like- ‘hand-picked’/ ‘custom made’ for him only.

To me, anything that is rare, yet with a few copies- takes out the charm of it, unless made truly ‘unique’ by additional effort/ emotion, etc.

I can recall a few gifts, with stories that explain the specialty of each-

The Idea Of Gift Box Is An Unique Way To Demonstrate Love
The Idea Of Gift Box Is An Unique Way To Demonstrate Love

Some Of The Gift Box Ideas To Check Out-

  • An autographed book by my favorite author,

My best friend – we both were die-hard fans of the author, Md. Zafar Iqbal, who has also made honorable contributions to the society & the education system in the country. She bought the book and sent to him with a letter requesting to send it back with the wishes written for me. She packed it in a gift box and brought to me. And such a response from this celebrity was like an ‘unthinkable’ surprise for both of us!!

  • A made-over bedroom, with a cane-swing hanging inside,

This was a surprise from my hubby on my first b’day after our wedding. I was crazy about these flowers that I first saw in ‘Habbaniya’- a beach in Iraq when I was a toddler and named them ‘Habbaniya’ flowers. This was kind of rare in our locality, and not available easily in the nurseries. My hubby went all the way to hunt these down and got a bunch of plants full of these tiny flowers and placed them right on my window inside the gift box. Every morning I woke up to these vibrantly glowing yellow flowers- and life felt beautiful!

The Idea Of Gift Box Is An Unique Way To Demonstrate Love
The Idea Of Gift Box Is An Unique Way To Demonstrate Love

One More Option To Consider

  • Frozen Potato Chips

I am a Potato obsessed person, and love anything & everything made of Potato, and the topper in that list is Potato chops (mashed potato, rounded & filled with ground beef, and then dipped in crumbs & deep-fried in the pan). Thus another friend of mine, who wanted to get the most appropriate gift on earth for me- made a large quantity of home-made chops, lay them on a tray, froze them, and then wrapped it all with a wrapping paper. After that packed in a gift box- all ready to just fry and eat! It was 20 years ago, and I still remember her saying- ‘Aren’t you surprised that it is kind of ‘cold’? Guess what!!

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