Wedding Gift Ideas for Couple

If you are looking for an ideal gift for a wedding, then we have listed a few ideas you can take inspiration from. All these gifts depend upon your budget and you can accordingly plan in advance.

Holiday Voucher

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If the couple is really close to you, then you can gift them a pre-paid holiday voucher for a few days in a resort or destination of your choice. This one is a lovely and thoughtful gift, especially, if the couple is your closest friend or your blood relative. You can hand them the vouchers on their wedding day and perhaps even discuss with them their preferred destination or resort.

Kitchen Appliances

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Kitchen appliances are a good option, but you need to ensure that you are not buying things of basic necessity like a toaster or a blender. These things are probably owned by everyone and these become an unnecessary burden. You can gift other kitchen appliances like a crockery set, a waffle maker or such other items.

Miniature Replicas

Miniature replicas are a good choice for a newly wedded couple. You need to send a picture of theirs, which you can take from their social media profiles, and then send these to the company that makes miniature replicas. These replica idols of the bride and groom are a gift forever. These replicas can be placed on display for long. These are a pretty gift option and a gift that forever keeps on giving.

Personalized Jewelry

A lovely wedding gift idea for couples is to give them chains or bracelets with their initials engraved. This personalized Jewelry option is best for your close friends. You can get the groom’s initials and the bride’s initials engraved on a bracelet or as a pendant with a necklace. This option can be costly if you go for platinum or gold, and the cost can be reduced if you go in for American diamonds or German silver.

Wedding Cakes

Wedding cakes are also a good option for a couple wedding, but you need to let the couple know that you are bringing their wedding cake, else you might end up having two. This gift especially looks good if you bake well and want to take this as a complimentary gift from your side.


This is one of the most common gifting options for a couple wedding. This shows your concern and good wishes for the newly married couple, and also does not put any burden on the guest for having something they do not want to use. It is also the safest choice that never goes wrong.

Couple Watches

You can even gift the couple a wrist watch set for their wedding. This is a great gift option as it does not go wasted and is definitely going to be used. You need to ensure that you select a pretty option for both.

These are some of the best wedding gift ideas for couples you can think about.

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